Sasha Schrode

    President / CEO

    Sasha is the President and CEO of Greppo Technologies. Sasha began her healthcare career in the pharmaceutical industry at Schering Plough. She transitioned into the medical device field in 2006 working with various stage medical device companies including CR Bard and Medcomp. Sasha has a business degree from the Purdue School of Business and an MBA from Northeastern University. She is adjunct faculty at Temple University where she teaches Entrepreneurial Bioengineering and a board member of Robin Hood Ventures, Greppo Technologies, PolyAurum and scientific advisory board member of Forge Medical.

    Dr. Mark Yim, Ph.D.


    Mark's research interests began with modular robots that are made up of identical active components that can be arranged to form many different configurations, ranging from a snake robot to a humanoid to a 17 legged centipede. These systems can also self-reconfigure, changing the robot's shape to suit the task. In addition to self-reconfiguring and self-assembling robots, Mark has also started work on flying robots, and task specification, working to figure out how to specify a task so that a robot configuration can optimally satisfy that task.

    Eza Koch

    Senior Design Engineer

    Eza is a roboticist, engineer, and entrepreneur with a background in electromechanical product design. Under Katherine Kuchenbecker, he did research into haptic interfaces for robotic surgery and e-commerce VR/AR. After graduating from the GRASP Lab's ROBO program, he briefly worked at Tesla Motors in Fremont, CA before joining Allevi (formerly BioBots) to lead engineering and design efforts for the world's first production desktop 3D bioprinter that shipped to hundreds of customers in over 25 countries. Currently, he is the Senior Design Engineer at Greppo, responsible for design, prototyping, and manufacturing of our platform technology.

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