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    Philadelphia, PA – The Inquirer's 2018 Stellar StartUps winners were chosen from nearly 100 contenders. Winners in nine categories were announced Thursday, September 13 at a gala at South Bowl in Philadelphia. They were selected by a panel of judges with an expertise in entrepreneurship and start...

    Greppo Technologies is a medical device startup developing a unique high performance, actively steerable surgical needle enabling minimally invasive treatment of cancer tumors in difficult to access anatomy by Interventional Radiologists. Our device has the potential to reduce trauma to patients leading to fewer complications, shorter hospital stays,and reduced costs to the hospital and payer.


    the growing market of targeted therapy

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    Safe, reliable, and unique.



    We're designing a suite of steerable devices for therapy in several sites.



    Greppo Steerable devices are manually controlled with easy-to-use functionality.

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    Sasha Schrode



    Sasha Schrode is the President and CEO of Greppo Technologies, Partner at Robin Hood Ventures and Adjunct Faculty at Temple University. Sasha began her career as a sales representative working for Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals and later worked for medical device companies like CR Bard and Medcomp, later consulting for early-stage medical device companies. She has a MBA from Northeastern University where she focused on Healthcare and Finance.

    As a Partner at Robin Hood Ventures, Sasha is on the Life Sciences Team where she screens early stage life sciences companies who are looking for capital and guidance to achieve sustained growth. Sasha mentors students at Temple University while teaching Entrepreneurial Bioengineering.

    Sasha joined Greppo Technologies in April 2018. She believes we have a responsibility to transform healthcare through innovation and is committed to advancing the health and well-being of cancer patients. Several years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and had a serious complication after a minimally invasive cancer procedure. With Greppo’s steerable technology, physicians will be able to make one puncture and actively steer around sensitive structures to access a tumor, thus reducing complications like she experienced. Her experience has given her a passion for enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

    Sasha is a board member of Robin Hood Ventures and PolyAurum. Sasha’s husband has served in the United States Marine Corp for over 20 years. They are committed to honoring marines by educating their children and are proud supporters of the Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation. Sasha also serves on the Committee for Fred’s Footsteps, an organization who provides family financial support to those struggling with the cost of caring for a seriously ill or injured child.

    Sasha and the Greppo Team believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness and will be participating in the Philadelphia Half Marathon this Fall.

    Eza Koch

    Lead Engineer

    Eza Koch is a roboticist, engineer, and entrepreneur with a background in electromechanical product design. Under Katherine Kuchenbecker, he did research into haptic interfaces for robotic surgery and e-commerce VR/AR. After graduating from the GRASP Lab's ROBO program, he briefly worked at Tesla Motors in Fremont, CA before joining Allevi (formerly BioBots) to lead engineering and design efforts for the world's first production desktop 3D bioprinter that shipped to hundreds of customers in over 25 countries.

    Dr. Mark Yim, Ph.D.


    Mark's research interests began with modular robots that are made up of identical active components that can be arranged to form many different configurations, ranging from a snake robot to a humanoid to a 17 legged centipede. These systems can also self-reconfigure, changing the robot's shape to suit the task. In addition to self-reconfiguring and self-assembling robots, Mark has also started work on flying robots, and task specification, working to figure out how to specify a task so that a robot configuration can optimally satisfy that task.

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