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Sasha Schrode, CEO of Greppo Technologies was Awarded Female / Minority Entrepreneur of the Year at the Inquirer’s 2018 Stellar Startups Award Event

Philadelphia, PA – The Inquirer's 2018 Stellar StartUps winners were chosen from nearly 100 contenders. Winners in nine categories were announced Thursday, September 13 at a gala at South Bowl in Philadelphia. They were selected by a panel of judges with an expertise in entrepreneurship and start-ups, an increasingly important part of the region's economy and driven by a range of founders, including students, millennials, and those who left the corporate world by choice or downsizing and are now pursuing a second act. The contest is a months-long effort to spotlight the inventiveness and doggedness of the region's start-up leaders.

Sasha Schrode believes we have a responsibility to transform healthcare through innovation and is committed to advancing the health and well-being of cancer patients. Several years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and had a serious complication after a minimally invasive cancer procedure. With Greppo’s steerable technology, physicians will be able to make one puncture and actively steer around sensitive structures to access a tumor, thus reducing complications like she experienced. Her experience has given her a passion for enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Greppo is a medical device start-up developing a unique high-performance, actively steerable surgical needle ebling minimally invasive treatment of cancer tumors in difficult-to-access anatomy. Mark Yim, PhD is the Founder of Greppo Technologies, Sasha Schrode is the Co-Founder and CEO and Eza Koch is the Senior Engineer. Greppo Technologies is based in University City, Pennovation Center (

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